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About AKISAN USA's Youth

Our Mission
"To promote cultural awareness and advancement of Akwa Ibom Youth and Young Adults in the USA and Akwa Ibom State"

Who Is AKISAN USA's Youth?

  • Akwa Ibomites 35 and younger
  • Active members of local chapters
  • Future AKISAN Leaders

Our Goals

  • Encourage youth participation in local AKISAN chapters
  • Maintaining consistent contact with members
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Website Launch
  • Raising money for a trip to Nigeria for community service
  • Donating books and clothes to charities/orphanages
  • Donating supplies to a hospital(s)
  • Develop incentives to keep youth active in their chapter
  • Establish successful fundraising efforts
  • HIV/AIDS/Malaria - health related projects
  • Establish career network
  • Establish mentorship program
  • Establish a scholarship fund

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