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Before applying, please ensure that your new chapter abides by the following portion of our constitution:


a. A chapter of the Association shall be formed wherever citizens of Akwa Ibom State and their families reside, and where there is no chapter of the Association.

b. Chapter names shall include the phrase "AKWA IBOM STATE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, USA, Inc." and the name of the region within a state or city where the chapter holds its regular meetings. Example of acceptable chapter name is: Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA, Inc. - Atlanta Chapter; Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA, Inc. - Central Virginia Chapter, Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA, Inc. - Maryland Suburban Chapter.

c. Any chapter with a name of a state as the designated chapter shall within one year from the ratification of this amendment, change its name to a name of the city or the region of the state where it regularly hold its periodic meeting. The National President and the National Council shall take all actions deemed reasonable to enforce this section of the Constitution.

d. Notwithstanding, section 'a' of this article, no chapter shall be formed or accepted for affiliation with the National Association if formed within forty (45) minutes driving distance of an already existing chapter.

e. A chapter that forms within less than or near 45 minutes driving distance of an already existing chapter, within the same state, may only be accepted for affiliation or registration with the National Association if the National Council in its meeting, by a vote of not less than 65% of the existing chapters and not just chapters present, resolve that exceptional circumstances exist that make the formation, registration and affiliation of that chapter with the National Association appropriate and proper. Such new chapter must have and show proof that it has at least 15 members.

f. A new chapter may have no vote in the first National Presidential election after it is registered and affiliated by the National Association, notwithstanding that it may vote on all other issues after it had remained vote-less on all matters either at a National Council or Convention meeting immediately following its affiliation.

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